With us you can simply book staff for your existing yacht.
We offer professionally trained


Yacht-Holiday is for everybody!

Our professinonal trained skippers will handle everything around navigating the yacht. Of course, joining in on sailing is gladly seen, but not a must! So you can participate in the sailing experience and get started, or just sit back and enjoy the journey of discovery.


For us it is important to make the adventure of a sailing holiday accessible for everyone, that's why we provide you with expert skippers who will take over navigate the yacht for you. 

The route for your sailing holiday and also the activities on-shore are totally up to you. But if you require any help, before your departure you will be put in contact with your skipper, so he can answer all of your questions and help you plan your individual yacht-holiday. The skippers will provide you with first-hand knowledge so you can get the most out of your holidays. 


The skipper will ...

  • navigate the yacht on the route from A to B
  • give knowledgeable information about the area 
  • clean the outside of the yacht
  • help find restaurant  
  • help book activities on land
  • sleep on board (in his own cabin)

The skipper will not ...

  • clean the inside of the yacht
  • watch over the kids
  • prepare any meals
  • buy groceries




Just lean back and enjoy your yacht-holiday – because the boardservice will take care of the cleaning and cooking. The boardservice will not only cook for you, but also do the grocerie shopping so that you can start your journey without any worries.


The skipper will manage the navigating of the yacht and in the meanwhile the boardservice will go shopping, cook and clean the common rooms. So you can just lean back and enjoy your individual and personal yacht-holiday at its most.  

The boardservice will prepare and serve beautiful presented local delicacies. Also the boardservice will prepare the meals according to your personal preferences and dietary needs. So if you are gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan? No problem. Just tell the boardservice beforehand, so they can plan the meals for you and buy wines and mix cocktails, which harmonize perfectly with the home-cooked meals.

What does the boardservice do?

The boardservice will ...

  • buy groceries
  • give recommendations and book restaurants
  • prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • wash the dishes and clean the common rooms
  • sleep on board in a cabin

The boardservice will not ...

  • tidy up the cabins
  • take over navigating the yacht
  • watch over the kids
  • clean the outside of the yacht

If you are interested into booking a crew-charter, please keep in mind that both the skipper and the boardservice will have to sleep in their own cabin and also providing food for the skipper and the boardservice is your responsibility.

You want charter a Crew? We are looking forward to your inquiry!