Caribbean - British Virgin Islands

Just a few miles off Puerto Rico’s coast, right in the heart of the caribbean, there lies a paradise with aquamarine waters to its feet, framed in beautiful white sand beaches and a center of lush tropical forest - and if that’s not enough, more than 60 inhabited and uninhabited of the British Virgin Islands are waiting for you.


The largest island, Tortola, also home to the Capital City, Road Town, is a mountainous island surrounded by its popular white sand beaches. The northern coast has the most beautiful beaches and also a lot of attractions that come with it - the Smuggler’s Cove, Long Bay, Lambert Beach and many more. The island is famed for its many possibilities, not only plenty of marine activities, but even hiking in its tropical forest and climbing its highest peak, Mount Sage with a height of more than 1700 ft.

Very similar to Tortola, the island Virgin Gorda lies to the east. With a national park around its highest peak, Gorda peak with a height of around 1400 ft, and another park at its most famed touristic attraction, The Baths - pure white sand beaches sprinkled with huge granite boulders amidst a aquamarine caribbean sea with lush marine life beneath for a movie-like experience while diving or snorkeling in these waters. These islands are characterized by its nearly flat shape and being a coral island, the gorgeous coral reefs around it as well as its secluded sandy beaches. Also being second largest island, but most sparsely populated one, leaves a lot of room for wildlife to thrive on the island. Anegada is also known for its large salt ponds on the west end of the island, which support many different species of wildlife, such as flamingos and many more.



Jost Van Dyke is the smallest of the four main islands of the British Virgin Islands - but this one is definitely not to belittle. Named after an early Dutch settler and former pirate, the island sports a historic, rugged scenery with old trails throughout the island and buildings, which already got conquered back by its rough, untouched nature.


On the islands east end, you will find a natural sea-formed jacuzzi as well as be able to observe dolphins and whales. This island is also known for its yacht-filled parties on Halloween and New Year’s Eve.



Although these few and little islands are almost three times the size of Manhattan Island, there are only around thirty-thousand people living on the British Virgin Islands, which makes for the perfect caribbean experience. Plunge into the caribbean lifestyle of relaxing and treating yourself with landscapes and cuisine, that you won’t be able to compare to any other in the world. These islands have a annual mean temperature of nearly 80°F, which speaks for itself.

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