Strolling through tropical forests, soft and lukewarm summer winds brushing past your skin, the tingling of fine white sand between your toes and waters as clear as glass with a vibrant greenish-blue color - not only the beach from the movie “The Beach” with Leonardo di Caprio can be described like this. Nearly all of Thailand’s coast is painted like this. It is no surprise that this southeast asian country has a blooming reputation for being the perfect getaway.



Whether you are cruising through the splendid Andaman sea or sailing across the serene Gulf of Thailand, the gorgeous      sea and the incredibly unique landscape make for an incomparable experience. Since Thailand is world-known for its beautiful beaches, tourism has really brought this country to life and throughout the whole year, people are spending their holidays there from all around the world - but with a yacht, you will enjoy the freedom of choosing your own uninhabited islands and finding bays and coves for you and your dearest accompanying you on this trip.


Surely not only relaxing on the beach and days without any sorrows await you in this beauty of Thailand, you will find out that tourism has branched out in nearly every direction imaginable. From cultural and gastronomical tourism, vibrant cultural heritage and natural beauty together with a cuisine that will literally change your views of taste, to the very special martial arts of Muay Thai and incredible experiences such as the Elephant Nature Park in the so-called “rose of the north” region of Chiang Mai far up north. And most certainly the country has the full roster of parties for the party animals among yourselves, from full-moon goa parties on these pristine beaches to festivals such as the “Thai Break” drawing some of the best DJs from all around the world to its famous island of Koh Samui.


Thailand’s climate is a really favoring one with little to no rain between November and April and a mean temperature around 85°F. The freedom of yacht is invaluable for this part of the world - Thailand has a large number of uninhabited islands in both Andaman sea and the Gulf of Thailand. A very comfortable water temperature around 85°F allows you to plunge into the waters and experience a diverse marine wildlife. Thailand is surely a paradise and has for every tourist among yourselves something in stock - you just have to discover it.

Possible starting points in Thailand