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Clear turquoise sea, a rugged shoreline and ancient Roman remains watching over petite harbors are what makes Croatia an attractive destination for tourists in general - but what makes it perfect for sailors are the stunningly perfect mediterranean weather and it’s numerous islands. The unique combination of all these traits makes Croatia the perfect experience more


Close your eyes and picture rocky shores, golden sand beaches, lonesome bays and scenic villages surrounded by crystal clear and warm sea. Since ancient times, Greece has been a paradise for sailors - a place of epic adventures, of decadent relaxation, and where you can spend your next ... read more

Balearic Islands

Not far off of the south coast of Spain lie the wondrous, paradisical Balearic Islands. Hidden turquoise bays in between of evergreen, lush nature. Enchanting coves hiding behind rocky shores. Gorgeous sunsets and seemingly endless sand beaches. These few islands have a lot more to offer than you would more

Caribbean - British Virgin Islands

Just a few miles off Puerto Rico’s coast, right in the heart of the caribbean, there lies a paradise with aquamarine waters to its feet, framed in beautiful white sand beaches and a center of lush tropical forest - and if that’s not enough, more than 60 inhabited and uninhabited of the British Virgin Islands are waiting for you.The largest island, Tortola more

Caribbean - Windward Islands

The Windward Islands, with a much more romantic name in French Îles du Vent, are a group of smaller islands right in the heart of the caribbean. Located a few miles north of the coast of Venezuela and a bit down south east from Puerto Rico’s coast, these ones are right ... read more


Strolling through tropical forests, soft and lukewarm summer winds brushing past your skin, the tingling of fine white sand between your toes and waters as clear as glass with a vibrant greenish-blue color - not only the beach from the movie “The Beach” with ... read more


Imagine lying on a beach, fine white sand beneath your feet and the soft sound of slow waves crashing, waves of clear water with a faint blue tint, dotted with huge boulders of volcanic stone and behind you a tiny little island ... read more