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With our on-site experience, we have an in-depth knowledge of which fleets and charter bases truly offer quality. In case of any issues on-site, our long-standing connections enable us to quickly and effortlessly reach the right people. We're not just familiar with fleet operators and their booking departments at headquarters but also personally acquainted with many base managers and yacht coordinators at the location where you, as our customers, will be in contact.

The vacation begins even before you arrive. We understand how a charter base operates and how the starting marinas are set up. We're often on the move and frequently visit these locations. What's the local scene like? How does provisioning work? Where can you park? We can provide great insights, offer optimal travel planning recommendations, saving you valuable time. Knowledge about on-site parking conditions or affordable transfers is the special service at Yacht-Holiday.

We tailor our services to your desires and search through the array of yachts to find the best offer for you. Of course, we also maintain a blacklist - we don't offer poorly managed charter bases with subpar yachts or service. However, should something go wrong, we're your point of contact!

We're also happy to provide advice on destinations and routes and offer tips for your voyage - worldwide! Because yachting is not just our profession but also our passion.

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