The Islands of Greece

Close your eyes and picture rocky shores, golden sand beaches, lonesome bays and scenic villages surrounded by crystal clear and warm sea. Since ancient times, Greece has been a paradise for sailors - a place of epic adventures, of decadent relaxation, and where you can spend your next holiday.  Greece’s beautiful coastlines, endless sunshine, and mild temperatures make it an idyllic spot for a sailing holiday - a trip that you’ll remember for years to come. 

Greece is truly a paradise for new and experienced sailors alike. Located in Southern Europe, on the southern tip of the Balkan Peninsula, the country is surrounded by water - to the east lies the Aegean Sea and to the south the Mediterranean Sea. Greece features thousands of islands and more than 8,700 miles of coast - so there’s room for endless exploration. The sailing area around Greece is divided into two areas: the Ionian Sea and the Aegean Sea.


In the southeast of the Archipelago known as the Aegean Sea lies the group of islands called the Dodecanese, consisting just of 12 larger and more than a hundred smaller islands. The islands are popular for their colorful and old history reaching back to times where even a statue with the height of 108 feet was guarding their harbor. As ancient and rich the history of these islands was, it is still no match to their natural beauty. White sand beaches underneath a wild green mediterranean forest - at the feet of water that reaches nearly all shades of blue and matches the color of the sky.

Cruising to the west through the waters once heroes like Odysseus floated away on their boats , we find the pure and rough beauty of the Cyclades island group. Naked rock islands shooting out of an azure sea and painted with the colors of the sky blue and whitewashed alleyways next to churches with blue domes which is all built by the same material true to the heritage of the islands - volcanic stone. Famous examples for these islands would be Santorini with its dark brown soil on top of rugged cliffs of stone between gorgeous deep blue sea and architecture that makes you feel like in the perfect painting.

Once Odysseus’ actual destination, but not reached for a long time of 10 years, the Ionian Islands standing tall on their limestone cliffs. Islands and islets filled to their brim with lush flora and vibrant fauna are a true paradisical experience. Such spotting the Caretta Caretta sea turtles, a native protected species, while sailing through deep blue sea on a yacht.


Greece features a balmy Mediterranean climate that gives you between 250 to 300 days of sunshine each year.  Summers are hot and dry - and in July and August, temperatures can range between the high 70s and the high 80s.  In August, water temperatures can reach up to 75°F - so that everyone can enjoy the sea.


The shoulder months can be very pleasant, as the Meltemi winds mellow out the weather in the Aegean Sea. These winds are wonderful for sailors, as they bring beautiful weather and clear skies - we recommend planning your sailing trip in the shoulder months of May, June and September for beautiful weather and fewer crowds. Winters in Greece are mild, though often rainy.


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