Whether it's the Dodecanese, Cyclades, or Ionian Islands, Greece is a paradise for discerning sailors. The Hellenic Republic boasts a Mediterranean climate with plenty of sunshine, mild temperatures, and stunning coastal landscapes. A sailing holiday in Greece is always exciting, with thousands of kilometers of coastline to explore.


With over 14,000 kilometers of coastline, thousands of islands, many of which are uninhabited, and between 250 to 300 sunny days a year, Greece attracts many adventurous sailing enthusiasts. Greece is located in the eastern Mediterranean in Southern Europe. Additionally, the Ionian Sea, the Aegean Sea, and the Cretan Sea are all part of Greece.

Highlights along the sailing routes


Dodecanese Islands: Located in the southeastern Aegean Sea, the Dodecanese island group consists of twelve major islands, offering diverse sailing adventures.


Rhodes: The largest of the Dodecanese Islands, famous for its medieval old town and the imposing Grand Master's Palace.


Kos: An island with a rich history, beautiful beaches, and the impressive Asklepieion.


Cyclades Islands: Located in the southern Aegean Sea, the Cyclades are a group of islands known for their beauty and culture.


Mykonos: Famous for its white houses, narrow streets, and vibrant nightlife.



Naxos: The largest island in the Cyclades with a rich history and beautiful beaches.


Santorini: Known for its spectacular sunsets, dramatic cliffs, and iconic blue-domed churches.


Paros: Popular for its picturesque villages, windy beaches, and laid-back island life.


Ionian Islands: Located in western Greece, the Ionian Islands are known for their lush vegetation and picturesque villages.


Corfu: A green island with Venetian fortresses, charming old town alleys, and beautiful beaches.


Zakynthos: Famous for its impressive cliffs and clear blue waters, where you can admire protected sea turtles Caretta Caretta from a sailboat or from the sea.


Lefkada: Known for its breathtaking beaches like Porto Katsiki and impressive cliff landscapes.


Paxos and Antipaxos: Two smaller islands, ideal for peaceful anchorages and crystal-clear waters for snorkeling and diving.



Greece offers not only breathtaking landscapes but also a fascinating culture, delicious cuisine, and vibrant traditions that enchant visitors from all over the world:


Fascinating culture: Greece boasts a rich cultural heritage, steeped in ancient history, mythology, and traditions. From the majestic ruins of Athens' Acropolis to the charming villages of the Greek islands, visitors can immerse themselves in a tapestry of art, architecture, and folklore.


Greek cuisine: Famous for its fresh ingredients, Mediterranean flavors, and hearty dishes. From succulent souvlaki and creamy tzatziki to flaky spanakopita and sweet baklava, every meal is a culinary delight.


Vibrant Traditions: Throughout the year, Greece hosts vibrant festivals and celebrations that showcase its lively spirit and deep-rooted traditions. From religious festivals honoring saints to colorful carnivals and music-filled events, there's always something to celebrate in Greece.

The best time for a sailing holiday in Greece is from May to October. July and August are the busiest months with temperatures ranging from 25°C to over 30°C. In August, beachgoers can enjoy water temperatures of 24°C. The Meltemi wind helps to moderate the heat in the Aegean during the summer. For passionate sailors, May, June, and September are also ideal with milder temperatures.


A sailing holiday in Greece can be tailored to suit your preferences and will undoubtedly be unforgettable. Greece offers a plethora of fantastic options – from tranquil retreats for relaxation to vibrant party hotspots for those seeking excitement. Whether you're in search of adventure or simply want to unwind, Greece is the perfect destination.

Greece's geographical location


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General Information

  • Area: 131.957 km²
  • Population: 10,8 Mio.
  • Capital: Athens
  • Languages: Greek
  • Foreign Languages: English
  • Currency: Euro €
  • Ideal travelseason: April - October
  • Religion: Greek Orthodox, Minorities include Muslims, Catholics, Protestants and Monophysites

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