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Naravio Bucht
Griechenland Route A und BGriechenland Route C
3 routes you can choose from:

In the Aegaen:

route A Athens/Lavrion – Kythnos – Kea – Syros – Mikonos/Paros – Naxos –  MIlos

route B Kos/Rhodos – Dodecanes


In the Ionian sea:

Route C corfu/Levkas – Gaios (Paxos) – Lakka (Paxos) – Lefkas – Parga


Our yachts

Our yachts do have a comfortable saloon with complete kitchen, spacious dining table, spacious double cabins, bath rooms with shower and toilet, external cockpit with dining table, relaxation area and bathing platform with outside shower.


Your journey details

No matter which tour you chose, our ports of departure are all easily accessible via close-by airports:

Route A:
Airport Athens (ATH)

Route B:
Airports Kos (KGS) or Rhodes (RHO)

Route C:
Airports Corfu (CFU) or Preveza (PVK)


Dodecanes, the Cyclades, or the Ionian Islands – Greece is a paradise for sailors who love to explore. While vacationing Greece - enjoy the Mediterranean climate with its many hours of sunshine and mild temperatures as well as the scenic coastal landscape along the more than 3000 islands. Explore Greek mythology and write your own history! Experience your private yacht cruise!

With more than 8000 coastalmiles, several thousand uninhabited islands and somewhere between 250 and 300 days of sunshine each year, Greece attracts many adventurous sailors.

Greece is found in the eastern Mediterranean Sea in southeast Europe, an area with lots to explore – including the Ionian Sea, the Aegean, and the Cretan Sea.
In the southeast of the Aegean you find the Dodecanes with twelve big islands, amongst them Kos and Rhodes. In the south of the Aegean are the Cyclades, islands that form a ring-like shape, including Naxos and Mykonos. The Ionian Islands are located towards the west of Greece. Especially Corfu and Zakynthos are well known amongst sailors and should definitely be visited. Let the domestic sea turtle called loggerhead turtle or Caretta Caretta, accompany you along the coast of Zakynthos and experience what makes a Greek island cruise so special!

Greece is summer heaven. From June to August temperatures range between 75° and 85°F with low humidity. In the Aegean, the Etesians, strong, dry north winds that blow from mid-May to mid-September, dominate the climate there. They bring clear blue skies with great view and a cool head. Passionate sailors prefer the months of May, June and September - the off-season. Temperatures are milder and wonderful for a relaxed Greek island sailing vacation. Winter months are generally mild and rainy – almost no snow or ice.

Spectacular rocky coasts, golden sandy beaches, lonely bays, and idyllic villages are engulfed by a crystal clear, blue, warm sea. At 75°F water temperature during the summer months, swimming is a joy. A sailing vacation in Greece can be enjoyed in the form of one of our proven Greece cruise packages or tailored to your individual wishes. Either way, it will be a wonderful experience, because Greece offers something for everyone. Whether you visit as a family and want to relax, as friends who want to party or to quench your thirst for adventure – Greece has it all!

You decide where you are going! Explore Greek islands and sail the Cyclades, along the Dodecanes, or the Ionian Sea. To offer you a unique sailing vacation in Greece, you can chose from one of our proven Greek island tours. Enjoy sailing our yachts with a knowledgeable skipper and experience a once-in-a-lifetime cruise with island hopping character.


Greece’s capital city was the center of the antiquity and has many historic monuments to prove it. You can visit the famous Acropolis, the Syntagma Square, the Old University, the Academy, and the National Library. If you decide to see the Olympic Stadium, you should also stop at Athens’ biggest mall nearby. The city of gods also offers the perfect introduction to the typical Greek night life with lively restaurants, inviting bars and cozy taverns.


The seaport of Lavrio offers everything a sailor’s heart could wish for: snorkeling, diving, swimming, strolling, dining, and celebrating. Sight s to see include the harbor, the fish market, and a huge mining area.


Off the shores of this island lies the wreckage of the Britannica, the sister ship of the famous Titanic. The Britannica was sunk here during the First World War and can still be viewed underwater. On Kea you will find peace and tranquility since tourisms has not made its way here. Nevertheless, water sports and fishing can be pursued on this quaint isle.


This island is a gem of Greek culture. The small villages have not lost their traditional character. You can still find everything from excellent restaurants to exhilarating entertainment – even a casino! The explorer in you might want to visit the many caves or relax on one of the untouched beaches.


Even though the island of Mykonos is known for its party scene, it also offers a romantic and dreamy ambience. Just like you have seen on postcards – white cubic houses line up along picturesque roads in tiny villages. Windmills, small churches, and a breathtaking landscape offer numerous unequaled picture opportunities. For those who want to, Mykonos’ party life is waiting for you – maybe a bottle of champagne over a beautiful sunset?


White beaches, ancient ruins, museums, and a wonderful old town are awaiting you. The island invites you to an extensive hike and offers everything you could wish for regarding history and culture. A historic district of old castles, which is evidence of the conquest by the Venetians and the enormous portal of a never finished temple are only two of the sights to be seen here. Athletes might want to prove themselves surfing the shores of Naxos.


On Paros you will feel the traditional, Greek atmosphere first hand. Even though it seems that time has been standing still on this isle, it offers many opportunities for diversified leisure activities: biking, kitesurfing, waterparks, extensive beaches as well as enclosed inlets.


Due to the past volcanic activities on this island, the landscape of Milos’ beaches are as diverse as you can imagine: from high rocks to gravel to sandy beaches – an exciting day of swimming can be spent here. Ademes is the biggest village and offers good infrastructure as well as an active life by day and night while Pollonia, a smaller village offers a more serene atmosphere.


Kythnos is home to many vineyards, mineral springs, and quiet, but modern villages. It offers lively nightlife and great food. Do not miss the regionally produced cheese!


Bright white houses, turquoise sea, and a picturesque coast – the Greek island Rhodes is the epitome of vacation paradise to many. Not only will you find gorgeous beaches, but also cultural diversity and hospitality. Maybe you want to travel back in time to the crusades when the knights of the order of St. John of Jerusalem occupied the island and left many antique ruins and buildings. In the old Town of Rhodes you can also find the medieval knights’ street Ippoton as well as the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes. On this Aegean island you can expect sunshine and warm temperatures almost all year round. Being the largest of the Dodecanes islands, Rhodes offers the perfect vacation destination whether you are seeking relaxation, adventure, or pleasure.


Symi is part of the Southern Sporades, an archipelago and is found about 9 km west off the coast of Turkey and almost 23 km north of Rhodes. With its colorful houses along the coast and 364 monasteries and chapels, Symi has lots to offer. The most famous monastery is the Monastery of the Archangel Michael, called Panormitis, which also houses a museum. Until the end of the 19th century shipbuilding and sponge diving were of great importance. So dive deep and keep your eyes open!


The small and romantic island of Tilos not only enchants visitors but poets and painters alike. Untouched nature, hills, valleys with bubbling springs as well as rare species of birds and active maritime life make this island a nature preserve that is protected by international treaties. You can also find cultural treasures here – byzantine monuments, medieval structures, caves, and churches. Enjoy a moment of tranquility here and forget your worries.


Mandraki is the capital city of Nisyros, a volcanic island and is found on its northern coast next to the harbor. Even though the island is very small, it offers a unique feature: crater in the caldera. From the 19th until the early 20th century large amounts of sulfur were mined on this island. Nowadays the crater at the south end of the caldera is mainly a tourist attraction. Since the volcano is still active, scientists have been monitoring it geophysically since the year 2000. 


Kos is the third largest of the Dodecanes islands and well known. Due to its elongated shape most activities here happen close to the coast – true vacation feeling! If 12 miles of beach are not enough to convince you, a stroll through town with its cute boutiques and small taverns will! Our recommendation: mingle with the locals and experience Greek mentality to the fullest.


The mountainous island of Kalymnos is a great spot for explorers. Idyllic inlets that lead into the deep blue sea as well as bizarre grottos and steep limestone cliffs invite island visitors to explore. Relax on one of the beautiful sandy or gravel beaches or go rock climbing and enjoy the breathtaking views!


The mountainous island of Kalymnos is a great spot for explorers. Idyllic inlets that lead into the deep blue sea as well as bizarre grottos and steep limestone cliffs invite island visitors to explore. Relax on one of the beautiful sandy or gravel beaches or go rock climbing and enjoy the breathtaking views!


Leipsoi is a small piece of land surrounded by 24 tiny islands. Not a day goes by without discovering something new and fascinating here. Cross through the turquoise narrows and explore the lively flora and fauna in this area. Dive under water and marvel at the colorful ocean floor, discover hidden inlets and cave formations or anchor at one of the many beaches. If you are lucky, you will be accompanied by a dolphin!


Even though Patmos is a very small island within the Dodecanes isles, it is still one of the most significant ones in the Aegean Sea. Here you find one of the most important monasteries of the Greek Orthodox Church and Patmos is therefore a well-known destination for many pilgrims. The island is most famous for being the location of the vision given to the disciple John, recorded in the Book of Revelation. The hilly structure of the island allows for many unbelievably beautiful view points. The cliffy coast offers many small inlets where you can anchor to explore the surroundings.

Während die Routen A und B in der Ägäis noch eher für schon erfahrene Gäste geeignet ist, findet man im ionischen Meer gemäßigte Bedingungen vor. Perfekt für einen ruihgeren Bade- und Relaxurlaub


The city of Corfu, also called Kerkyra is found on the island of Corfu and has been a vacation destination for over 100 years. Corfu has a lively history. As part of the Roman Empire, with a short interruption due to the Ottomans’ siege, it was the capital of the Septinsular Republic. Since 1864 it has been a part of Greece and in 2007 it was pronounced UNESCO world heritage. As you may already suspect: there is a lot to be explored here! From the old fortress to the historic part of town, from Artemis’ temple to the new fort: There is no better place to start and end a sailing cruise through the Ionian Sea than here.

Gaios (Paxos)

Gaios is the main town on the island of Paxos and also its cultural and artistic center. This island is one of only few that were not occupied by the Turks. This picturesque village lies in a bay with two small islands just offshore. It offers a comfortable plateia (town square), narrow streets and is especially liked for its day trip qualities.

Lakka (Paxos)

Lakka is the counterpart to Gaios on Paxos. Here you anchor in a shallow bay to snorkel or try fishing. This traditional fishing village is almost car-free, offers terrific taverns, and excellent shopping opportunities. This is without a doubt one of the most famous bays in the Ionian Sea


The island Lefkada, also called Lefkas, is connected to the main land via bridge and can be an alternative starting point for a sailing cruise through the Ionian Sea. Lefkada also offers a lot if visited as a stop-over, because mass tourism is found elsewhere. The colorful houses built side by side around the Spyridon Square are worth visiting.


Parga shares its history with Corfu. It has been ruled by the Byzantines, the Venetians, the Ottomans, and even by the English and Italians. As late as 1913 Parga became part of Greece. Highlight is a spectacular complex, the Venetian fortress built in 1570 – high above the bay, offering a grand vista. And the narrow streets with their numerous small bars and taverns make Parga a must-see on this route.


Even though this island with its 3000 inhabitants is one of the smallest in the Ionian Sea, it is still the most famous. 2800 years old Greek epic poems Iliad and Odyssey by Homer have transformed this green island into a literary monument. Follow in Odysseus’ footprints and discover the legendary spring of Arethusa and explore the nymph’s grotto. Stop at the Platia Stavros (Stavros square) and take a picture of the famous Odysseus monument. In the evening, lovely taverns at the beach invite you to relax with family or friends.

Navagio Bay on Kefalonia

Some say it is the most beautiful bay in Europe! Navagio Beach on Zakynthos keeps its promise! Like a picture from a magazine, this place hides between high cliffs, which makes it an even more spectacular sight. The beach itself consists of millions of tiny stones and can only be reaches via the surrounding turquoise sea. In the middle of the beach you can find the wreckage of a wooden ship, inspiring your pirate fantasies! Be adventurous and discover the secret behind the wreck!

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